When Anxiety
& Depression Hit

... Hit Back!

As no two fingerprints are exactly the same, nor is the path for finding our inner balance.

Think Boxing, a non-competitive training curriculum, utilizes specific patterns of movement and cognition traditionally found within Boxing Training to foster balanced Brain Regulation.

At Think Boxing, our sessions are customized to address your individual needs. To learn more about what makes Think Boxing unique, click here or get answers to frequently asked questions.

Who We Are

Our team brings a unique blend of therapeutic and boxing expertise. We strive to deliver a tailored, personalized experience suitable for each individual.


Beth Matenaer, Founder, Clinical Director

With a background in animal assisted and experiential approaches to psychotherapy, Beth has been working to find creative approaches to helping others with mental health challenges for 25 years. She began her career working with high conflict families in crisis, and continues to operate a private practice in Mt. Pleasant , SC treating challenges related to trauma, attachment, recovery and personal growth.

Beth has designed teaching curriculum around intrinsic motivation, attachment styles, and takes pride in developing unique strategies for hard to reach clientele. Fundamentally, she believes that crisis is our opportunity to evolve and that everyone deserves to have a place where they feel safe and understood.

Beth is responsible for the clinical component of the certification program as well as developing new modalities to reach a broader scope of interventions in the mental health world.

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Rico Gabriel

What impact has boxing had on your life?

Boxing has allowed me to grow as a person and it has given me more confidence than I have ever had. It's allowed me to be able to feel more comfortable with who I am. Beyond the mental and emotional growth, I have gotten in the best shape of my life. To sum it up in one sentence, boxing has given me calmness in a hectic life.

Why did you choose to join Think Boxing?

I chose Think Boxing because I love both therapy and boxing! I am currently a graduate student in my third year in the Clinical Counseling Program at the Citadel. I learned about Think Boxing through one of my professors. Having the opportunity to put my love for boxing and helping others mental health is a dream come true!

What makes you unique as a coach?

All of the coaches in Think Boxing bring their own uniqueness and expertise. My uniqueness comes from my education and experience. I'm in my third year of grad school studying Clinical Counseling and I'm the 2019, 141 Lb. South Carolina Golden Glove Champion!

What do you think is important for others to know about you?

My girlfriend Mary Ann is also a Think Boxing trainer. We recently got a puppy and I love the musician/poet Tupac so much that she agreed to let me name our dog Tupac. I love helping people find themselves through boxing. I will help anyone push themselves and I will always be patient. During sessions I will be your biggest supporter and help you learn to be your own biggest supporter in life.